i had no idea it was possible to fall so in love with someone. they say you can’t but a time limit on love and i believe that wholeheartedly because i knew that i loved my boyfriend before we even started dating. people always said that you would find that one in college, the one that made you feel like the prettiest girl out there, the one that pushed you to be a better person constantly and the one that no matter what has happened in the past sees a future with you…i found him. i found him in the latter of my junior year and he’s six hours away from me. s i x h o u r s. it literally blows. never did i think that i would be doing a long distance relationship but let me tell you that it is the best thing i have every chosen to do, frankly the absolute hardest thing i have ever done but most definitely the best thing. for once in my life i have found my missing puzzle piece and he has completed me. i know i haven’t written about him since november and even then we were still just best friends but now that i am in love with my best friend everything is complete in my life. i cannot wait until this last year of us living six hours away goes by, so i can forever be with the man i love and who shares that unconditional love with me. it’s been about thirty days since i have physically seen him last but i thank god that technology is where it is so that we can facetime and call each other when we miss each other and waking up without him sucks every morning but there will be a day very soon, when i won’t have to worry about waking up without him. a day where we will live together and live our lives together while all the haters in this world because trust me there are a ton of them..which don’t even get me started how people who have no idea how wonderful of a thing we have and hate on us that we are cheating on each other and other nonsense like that, there is no way that would happen because we have both been cheated on and it sucks a lot. BUT anyway our day will come, soon and very soon. but who knew. who knew it was possible to fall in love with him every day. i didn’t know. i didn’t even know that is was humanely possible to possess this much love but gosh darn i am sure glad that i do because these past five months have been the best five months of my life and as scared as i am for this senior year, i know that we can take on a lot. we already have, so bring it.