a letter to you

it’s funny because we used to be inseparable, everyone knew us as a pair. we rarely went anywhere with out the other half. we went through a lot together. but then all of a sudden you vanished. i saw it coming slowly but i didn’t want to believe it to be true. i really did never think that you could just walk out of my life like that. and now you are more of a figment in my mind, the pictures are just pictures, and we live our separate lives. i wish i knew what happened, i wish i knew what was wrong, because at the end of the day you were my best friend. the person who got me through my freshman year of college, the person who’d pick me up when I’d fallen and the person who saw me through my flaws. i wish things could be as simple as they were that year we became friends, but i guess we’ve just kinda grew up some and in the process grew apart.